Tarifa Info

Tarifa Info

With no more than 18,000 inhabitants, Tarifa has gone from being a quiet coastal fisher village until the mid-1980’s to developing into a fashionable tourist destination. Yet, far from becoming posh, this beguiling town has adapted to the new prosperous situation preserving its genuineness and original charm.

Once known merely for being the southernmost point on the European landmass, only 14 kilometres away from the African continent, it can now boast of being a strong contender for the best beaches to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing in the world.

Tarifa’s popularity is reflected in the increasing number of visitors the town welcomes every year, its population multiplying by 5 in high season.

Great part of the Moorish walls, which shielded the town from the raids by pirates and enemies in the past, remains today erect. Within the ramparts, the narrow , tangled streets evoke those in the neighbouring Morocco. They have become a melting pot of national and international tourists, who take part in the lively, compelling atmosphere of the tapa bars, restaurants, cafés, shops, chiringuitos… and unquestionably …. the vibrant nightlife. This all will confer the pleasure of a different, relaxed and casual setting.

The Costa de la Luz starts right here. Tarifa’s totally unspoiled beaches make up a large area of the Natural Park of the Strait and are unique in their boundless extent: miles and miles of fine, white sand where you will be able to roam freely or go jogging for hours and find your own space of privacy and solitude. We are confident when affirming that this spot is second to none in all Europe and the sunsets in the area are a awe-inspiring sight.



Both Los Lances and Valdevaqueros beaches with its Great Dune in Punta Paloma are magnificent and renowned across Europe for their superb ambience. Last but not least, the outstanding beauty of the beaches on Bolonia bay and its Dune or in Zahara de los Atunes will not leave you indifferent.

Tarifa and its vicinity offer a wide range of activities. All around the year you will be able to enjoy sport leisure, indulge yourself in the local cuisine, the art, the culture and more.

Treat yourself to little cultural and gastronomic trips to the popular White Villages of Vejer de la Frontera or Conil. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the quaint Cadiz and Jerez, which are only one hour drive away. Major towns such as Seville and Malaga are worth visiting on a day trip too.

The best time to travel

Tarifa is an all year destination to visit since it is situated in one of the hottest Andalusian areas and provides with a large choice of sport, gastronomic and cultural activities at any season.

Nevertheless, the periods outside the peak season may be the most advisable to explore our natural parks, delight in their splendid sceneries, go on the White Villages Route, taste the regional dishes and discover the numerous places of cultural and historic interest within the province.

The weather in Tarifa

It is well known that the weather in Tarifa may turn rather squally if the wind blows intensely. It is not in vain that the beaches here are a chief draw for windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over Europe, who regard them as ¨the paradise¨

In winter day-time temperatures are generally almost spring-like, the thermometers showing around 17º C

In spring and autumn temperature is ideal, it remaining around some steady 20ºC

In summer, whilst other areas in Andalucía have to endure high temperatures of 40ºC, thermometers rarely exceed 30 degrees in Tarifa due to its own microclimate. This temperature diminishes throughout the evening, allowing for a healthy and refreshing night’s rest.